We have created an extensive library of help videos to make it very easy to get started with TIPS and produce effective analytical models.

Getting Started

This set of short videos is ideal for the new user or if you are just getting back into using TIPS. We will walk you through importing your first LAS file, editing curves, navigating the application, creating 1D and AVO Synthetics and getting ready to create well ties in a matter of minutes. Learn More

Seismic Well Ties

Once you have mastered the basics of creating synthetics from your well logs, you can import multiple seismic lines and perform well ties while analyzing many facets of your data including extracted wavelets, internal multiples, lithostratigraphic effects and when necessary stretch and squeeze. Learn More

Depth-Time Controls

As you generate seismic synthetics and well ties, it is key to understand how to control the depth-time relationship. Setting the well log elevations, importing and applying check shot corrections and applying time shifts to the entire synthetic to assist with well ties. Learn More

AVO Synthetics

With model-ready well log curves, you can easily create In-Situ and Fluid Substituted AVO Synthetics. You can examine the AVO impact of wet, oil and gas saturated zones and examine the cross plots associated with particular focus zones of interest. Learn More

Editing Curves

There are many ways to edit well log curves to handle missing or obviously incorrect portions of any log. These videos walk you through the various ways to add and modify various edit zones within any well log curve.  Learn More

Special Topics

Just want to watch a quick video on a specific topic such as how to create a shale volume curve, import and apply deviation data, proper application of check shot corrections, using regression coefficients to estimate missing data or more? This is the place to check out to refresh your skills.  Learn More