Our objectives are to apply the most comprehensive technical analytical methods using fast, thorough and easy to use software tools.

Corporate Overview

HSB Geophysical was founded in 2019 as a partnership of leading technical experts in the field of Geosciences and Software Development and Delivery.  The company is based in Houston, Texas and provides consulting and software services around the world. HSB Partnership provides over 125 years of direct experience in the field of geophysics, consulting and software development.

Management and Ownership Team

Dr. Fred J. Hilterman
Chief Scientist

Fred J. Hilterman received a geophysical engineering degree and PhD in geophysics from Colorado School of Mines. He worked with Mobil from 1963-1973. In 1973, he joined the University of Houston where he was a Professor of Geophysics. At UH, Fred co-founded the Seismic Acoustics Laboratory (SAL). In 1981, he co-founded GDC. He was vice-president of development until 2003. Currently, Fred is a Distinguished Research Professor at UH. Fred is a longstanding member of GSH, SEG, EAGE and AAPG. His services to the societies include: associate editor for GEOPHYSICS; SEG and AAPG Distinguished Lecturer; 2001 DISC Instructor; Chairman of TLE editorial board; SEG Vice-President; and, both Technical and General Chairman of SEG Annual Meetings. Fred was the 1996-97 SEG President. He received the SEG Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award, the CSM VanDiest Gold Medal and Distinguished Alumni Medal, the SEG Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal, and Honorary Memberships in SEG and GSH.

Dr. Lee Bell
Chief Geophysicist

Lee Bell is a distinguished geophysicist and a successful leader in the exploration geophysics industry. His technical and business efforts over the past 30 years have made significant impact on our industry. After earning his MS and PhD degrees in geophysics from Stanford, Lee pioneered and led the initial commercial use of seismic data processing technologies at Digital Exploration from 1981 to 1984. He co-founded Entropic Processing in 1984 and Entropic Geophysical in 1986. He has served as president of Entropic Geophysical, president of Geosignal, vice president of Western Geophysical, global general manager of WesternGeco, president of GDC, and chief geophysicist of Geokinetics Corporation. His successful leadership and deep understanding on the theoretical and practical aspects of exploration geophysics along with his clear business vision helped these companies to grow and established important milestones in various development stages of our industry.

Scott A. Smith
Managing Director
Scott Smith received a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University with published research on the topic for structural damping as a result of micro-structural damage in carbon-fiber structures.  Mr. Smith worked as a structural flight test engineer at Bell Helicopter from 1988 to 1994 before becoming a successful software and business consultant specializing in knowledge management and automation solutions in the aerospace and automotive industries. Along with Dr. Hilterman, Mr. Smith has led the development of the jTIPS Software Suite since its initiation in 2003.  Mr. Smith serves as the Managing Director for HSB Geophysical and coordinates all software development, delivery and marketing activities.


HSB Geophysical has an exclusive partnership with GeoTomo Earth Modeling and Imaging Solutions.  GeoTomo not only manages the software licensing and distribution of HSB Geophysical products, but provides an integrated platform within the GeoThrust application of the HSB Geophysical software products to enhance the overall seismic processing and interpretation process.