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TIPS Well Log Modeler

Full suite of well-log editing and modeling of 1D and AVO synthetics, wedge models and seismic attributes.  Quickly perform seismic well ties with the synthetics generated by TIPS. Understand within minutes the impact of internal multiples on your prospect. Quickly answer the “What Ifs?” as the petrophysical properties change. Learn More

TIPS Multiple Modeler

Designed as part of the TIPS Software Suite that allows you to quantitatively evaluate the multiple-suppression success.  Starting with LAS files at well locations, the TIPS Multiple Modeler decomposes generalized primaries into primary- and multiple-only synthetics with time-varying stratigraphic wavelets that match the seismic data where convention synthetics fail. Learn More

TIPS Thin Bed Modeler

Standalone system for generating seismic AVO synthetics, wedge models and seismic attribute crossplots for a thin-bed model – a must have tool on the computer of every geoscientist. Learn More

Frequency Extension of Signal

Frequency extension module quantitatively enhances both structural and stratigraphic interpretation. FES utilizes the low-frequency components of seismic data, which normally have the best S/N ratio, to enhance, extend and/or replace the high-frequency components.  Learn More

Multiple Estimation and Suppression

Software solution that generates ISS estimates of multiples and adaptively subtracts multiples from field data. Multiple estimates are computed in time domain to adjust for the time-varying wavelet inherent from short- period multiples. Learn More