TIPS Thin Bed Modeler

What class of AVO response might you expect from a particular thin bed environment? How would the response differ if the sand bed were gas vs. water vs. oil?  What impact does porosity have on a given bed? These questions, and many more, are quickly and easily answered using the TIPS Thin Bed Modeler.

The TIPS Thin Bed Modeler is a very simple package that produces wet-, oil-, and gas-saturated seismic synthetics for a single thin reservoir bed. With pull-down options, you control the encasing lithology, reservoir bed and pore-fluid properties and jTIPS performs all of the fluid substitution to produce side-by-side synthetic models for all three hydrocarbon content conditions. In addition to the resulting synthetic models, you can easily follow all of the fluid substitution principles that are applied along with the fundamental AVO theory.

Results are instantaneous allowing for hundreds of iterations in just minutes. With each model variation, users can output directly into a simple report format to produce sensitivity analyses, or generate SEG-Y formatted AVO synthetic files for every condition.

In addition to seismic synthetics, wedge models for all three hydrocarbon saturated conditions are produced to allow rapid evaluation of the tuning thickness for your prospect.

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