HSB Geophysical has the experience, tools and team to perform an extensive set of consulting services to support the specifics of your project.

All services are bid unique to the project requirements and are delivered in a professional manner with extensive analysis performed by our experienced team.

To request a quote or to receive more information about any of the HSB Service that we provide, please contact us.

Integrated AVO Reservoir Characterization:

Consulting services and topical training courses to provide management, analysis, oversight and assessment for reservoir characterizations projects. These include:

  • AVO reflectivity inversion
  • Reflectivity Attributes
  • Borehole calibrated crossplots
    • Well log resolution of sensitivity
      • Petrophysical analysis
      • Well log inversion
      • Generation of well log attribute crossplots and rock-property templates
    • Seismic resolution of sensitivity
      • Generation of AVO synthetics with seismic frequency bank
      • Inversion of AVO synthetics and creation of seismic bandwidth attributes and rock properties
      • Selection of evaluation horizons or geobody profiles for crossplots
  • AVO Modeling
    • Wavelet Extraction
    • 1D Synthetic match
    • AVO Synthetics
  • Profile and/or horizon interpretations to produce maps of reservoir properties for risk analysis
  • Layer attributes
  • Acoustic Impedance
  • Rock Properties
    • Inversion of seismic for P, S and density impedance reflectivities
    • Simultaneous inversion
  • Elastic Impedance

Enhanced Process Modeling Services:

Services and management oversight related to the application of software owned by HSB that is designed for integration and application as licensed product features intended to enhance processing of seismic data

Multiple Estimation and Subtraction – Identify and subtract multiples directly on seismic data. Integrated and called as modules from GeoTomo seismic processing suite.

Frequency Extension of Signal – Bandwidth extension module applied directly on seismic data. Integrated and called as modules from GeoTomo seismic processing suite.