TIPS Well Log Modeler

The TIPS Well Log Modeler can produce high quality AVO synthetics with a few simple data prep steps. TIPS will read your LAS file and lead you through the process to edit the data, create shale volume curves, estimated missing data and identify hydrocarbon zones.  Within minutes of installing the software, you will be ready to produce models and iterate on numerous parameters to better understand your prospect.

You can modify the hydrocarbon zones, substitute fluid type, change pore-fluid properties, vary wavelets and much more to examine hundreds of seismic synthetics in just minutes.   Utilizing check shot data, inclinometry data and more, you will be working with a very robust representation of the borehole logs.

Like all of the TIPS products, the Well Log Modeler is fast, intuitive and very easy to use. Most importantly, the quality of the AVO synthetics is considered to be some of the best in the industry.

You will not find an easier yet more comprehensive tool for quickly moving from raw well-log data to full-featured seismic synthetics.