We are very excited about the new release of the jTIPS Well Log Modeler.  Now that the PetroSeismic Software tools are under the dedicated partnership that is HSB Geophysical, we have a very aggressive growth plan for this product as well as some exciting new offerings in the coming months.

If you’re not a fan of reading, check out this quick overview video to get an idea of what is new in the jTIPS Well Log Modeler.

The primary enhancement to this version of the product is the ability to pull in 2D Seismic lines and perform a well tie with the currently modeled well.  This has long been in the planning and a significant request from the user community.  Once  you have your well modeled and have checked out a few synthetics (1D, 1D with AVO, Wedge Models, etc.), you can specify as SEG-Y file and view the seismic data within jTIPS.  You can then let it know where to place the 1D synthetic of the well and you can view the synthetic right in the midst of your seismic data.

In order to start the process to tie the well log to your seismic, you can shift the trace up or down, consider the synthetic with or without the presence of internal multiples (a very cool process) and change the wavelet.

Most importantly, you can easily extract a wavelet directly from the seismic data in whatever area you desire.  That wavelet can then be applied to the synthetic and can also be exported for use in other systems.

The stretch and squeeze of small segments of the synthetic is also available to complete the well tie process. 

All of these tools are designed to be fast, easy to use and are all based on the skills, experience and technique developed by Dr. Fred Hilterman.

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