This set of videos are set up to allow you to learn about creating seismic well ties with your well synthetics.

01 – Add a Seismic Line to Well Log Model. Get started by identifying seismic lines that will be used in conjunction with your well synthetics to produce a proper well tie.

Seismic Well Tie 01

02 – Identify Well Location and Begin Well Tie Process. Learn how to insert the well synthetic in your seismic lines, control their displays and begin the well tie process. View how the cross-correlation settings are utilized to improve the tie and see how to view the frequency content of the seismic data.

Seismic Well Tie 02

03 – Extract and Apply Wavelet. Learn how to extract a multiple directly and easily from the seismic data and apply it to the well synthetic. Examine how the cross-correlation is impacted by using the seismic wavelet as opposed to a standard wavelet.

Seismic Well Tie 03

04 – Apply Internal Multiples. Quickly evaluate if internal multiples applied to the well log synthetic will impact the well tie process. Also examine how the phase shift of the synthetic can impact the well tie and tell you more about your seismic data.

Seismic Well Tie 04

05 – Stretch and Squeeze. Use the stretch/squeeze toolkit to make minor adjustments to the sonic in order to improve the well tie results. Control how the stretch/squeeze zones are displayed and saved to be used as the default depth-time conversion for all other synthetics.

Seismic Well Tie 05

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