This is the latest version of the TIPS Well Log Modeler and includes some of the enhancements listed below:

  • Inclusion of detailed internal multiple modeling to include the creation of Propagating Wavelet Panel, Synthetics for Multiples only and Primaries only with the time-varying wavelets applied, multiple progression analysis and full incorporation of the stratigraphic filtered synthetics into the seismic well tie process. It is noted that this capability is only included with the licensed module for Internal Multiples — contact HSB for more details.
  • Fluid substitution options for wedge models and 1D synthetics
  • Use of project templates to speed up the creation of model-ready well logs based on your desired settings and naming standards
  • Formation top import wizard
  • Flexible method for estimating density from p-wave using lithological values
  • Linear regression parameter estimates for single or double parameters
  • Interactive muted depth on 1D synthetics — a great tool for investigating the source of internal multiples
  • Toolkit for providing quick markers on seismic data
  • Display AVO stack on the well tie by stack angle and/or offset distance

This version is now posted on the Downloads page. It is just an update to the previous version and will not require any license updates, etc.


  • Go to the Download Page and download TIPS Well Log Modeler 3.7.23
  • Run the installation script (i.e. the “.exe” file) and follow the prompts
    • You will select the “Yes, update the existing installation” option if you previously installed 3.5.10 or later.
  • Once complete, you should be good to go.

Click Here to Go to the Download Page

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