This set of videos provides an overview of all of the settings that control the depth to time relationships as seismic synthetics are created from the well log. The topics include understanding the well log depth and elevation settings, estimating the two-way travel start time, importing and applying check shot data and using a static shift of the synthetic during well tie efforts.

01 – Define Well Log Start Time. Review how elevation references are set and how the time is displayed with respect to the well log elevations for synthetic models.

Depth-Time Controls 01

02 – Check Shot Corrections. Learn how to import check shot data and use it to compute the two-way start time for the well log and correct the sonic data used to control the depth-time relationship for all synthetic modeling.

Depth-Time Controls 02

03 – Static Time Shift of Synthetic. See how a static time shift can be applied to any synthetic to improve your well tie and apply the shift to all other synthetic modeling activities.

Depth-Time Controls 03

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