It is October 2020 and TIPS version 3.5 is now officially released. This release includes extensive improvement to the seismic well tie functionality as well as new features for AVO synthetic display.

Our last major release was focused on integrating in seismic data with TIPS and allowing for simple well ties. The release notes are below and included in the help documentation. If reading is not your thing, we’ve tried to summarize the main new features in the short video below.

TIPS Well Log Modeler Release 3.5
  • Seismic Well Ties
    • Each well log project can have multiple seismic lines to create well ties
    • For AVO models, you need a S-Wave as well and most likely a Shale Volume curve if you have hydrocarbons and wish to do Fluid Substitution.
  •  AVO Synthetic Display
    • Background color display with custom palettes
    • Provided easy-access toolbars for synthetic component display
  • Seismic Data Analysis
    • View seismic data with enhanced color backgrounds
    • Apply basic processing such as filters, phase rotation, AGC and more to your seismic lines
  • Merge LAS Files
    • Enhanced choices for merging LAS files and specified mnemonics
  • Depth-Time Correlation Enhancement
    • Integrated depth-time settings from well-tie to all other synthetics if desired
    • Simplified definition of how check shot data is applied
    • Display check shot markers on all synthetics
  • Wavelets
    • Simplified wavelet extraction

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