A summary of new features is listed here:

  • Well Log Depth Settings enhanced to include elevation settings
  • Check Shot Data menu enhanced use right-mouse to add or remove row of data.
  • Moved Compute Regression Coefficients to the Tools menu option
  • Custom parameter definition under the Tools menu option
  • Custom expression builder to create equations to generate well log parameters under the Tools option
  • Option to select velocity (p-wave or sonic) curve to use for check shot correction.
  • Addition of curves to display depth-time relationships and check-shot corrected sonic curves.
  • Indication of TVD values corresponding to the time scale label values on all synthetic time scales
  • Enhanced sample rate settings for wavelets and seismic data to include 1/2 ms sample rate
  • Synchronized all scale settings on Seismic Attribute charts
  • Ability to import and manipulate seismic data without having a well log in the project
  • Enhanced wavelet extraction menu
  • Seismic Filter Panel
  • Issue corrected for condition with check shot correction, deviation and LAS file all with different unit bases.

Version 3.6.0910 is now posted on the Downloads page. It is just an update to the previous version and will not require any license updates, etc.


  • Go to the Download Page and download TIPS Well Log Modeler 3.6.09
    • If you did not download and install versions 3.5.10-15 earlier, please also download the installation instructions on the Download page for instructions to update your license
  • Run the installation script (i.e. the “.exe” file) and follow the prompts
    • You will select the “Yes, update the existing installation” option if you previously installed 3.5.10 or later.
  • Once complete, you should be good to go.

Click Here to Go to the Download Page

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