A summary of new features is listed here:

  • Enhanced wavelet support to include ability to import wavelets from 3rd party systems, utilize wavelets directly from the TIPS Well Log Modeler application and use of Gabor and Specified wavelets.
  • Ability to export wavelets to SEG-Y or ASCII.
  • Removal of wavelet display panel and addition of Wavelet Controls toolbar above synthetics.
  • Mouse controls to click on time, AVO angle and Wedge Bed Thickness axes to change directly.
  • Mouse wheel capability to easily scroll time scales.
  • Enhanced SEG-Y output for AVO Synthetics.
  • Integration with other TIPS licensing where applicable.

Version 3.4.00 is now posted on the Downloads page. It is just an update to the previous version and will not require any license updates, etc.


  • Go to the Download Page and download TIPS Thin Bed Modeler 3.4.00
  • Run the installation script (i.e. the “.exe” file) and follow the prompts
  • You will select the “Yes, update the existing installation” option if you previously installed 3.3.00 or later.
  • Once complete, you should be good to go.

Click Here to Go to the Download Page

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